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Pet Daycare & Boarding Prices


Half Day $26.00
Full Day $47.00
Grooming Daycare Rate $18.00
2 Dog Full Day $42.00 (per dog)

New Saratoga Drop ‘n Shop Rate: $18.50 for 2 hours or less

Please Note
  • Evaluations are free
  • A half day is five hours or less
  • Daycare packages never expire
  • After Hours Pick-Up: $ 20.00 per dog, Monday – Friday after 7pm, Saturday – Sunday after 5pm.

Daycare Packages

10 Full Day $420.00 (10% OFF)
20 FullDays $740.00 (20% OFF)
30 Full Days $960.00 (30% OFF)
10 Half Days $240.00 (5% OFF)
20 Half Days $460.00 (10% OFF)
30 Half Days $660.00 (15% OFF)

If you plan on bringing your pup to daycare often, save with our daycare packages — they never expire!


1 Dog 2 Dogs
One Night $60.00/night $57.00/dog
5 Nights $55.00/night $53.00/dog
10 Nights+ $50.00/night $48.00/dog
20 Night Package $960.00 ($48/night) $920.00/dog ($46/dog/night)
30 Night Package $1260.00 ($42/night) $1200.00/dog ($40/dog/night)

Exclusively available at our Campbell location!
Please call our Campbell location for rates for 3+ dogs

Cat Boarding

One Night 1 Cat $30.00
Please Note
  • Late Check-Out (after 12pm): $20.00 per pet.
  • After Hours Check-Out: $20.00 per pet.
Holidays & Rates

If your pet is staying with us during the holidays there will be an additional charge of $25.00 for the stay on the holiday night (New Years, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas). We thank you and appreciate your business.

We Treat Your Pet as if They Were Our Own!