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Caring for Your Dog Between Grooming Appointments Infographic

Your dog is your best friend, and it’s up to you to make sure he leads a happy and healthy life. In addition to plenty of playtime and routine visit to the veterinarian, grooming in San Jose can help keep your four-legged friend looking and feeling his best. The length and thickness of your dog’s coat will help determine how often you should have him groomed. In between grooming sessions, you can help keep your dog looking great by brushing him regularly. Brushing helps remove tangles, and gives you an opportunity to check for fleas and ticks. Clean your dog’s ears gently, and don’t use cotton swabs that can cause damage to the ear canal. If your dog’s nails are getting long, stop by your grooming salon for a nail trim between grooms. Explore this infographic from Dr. Dave’s Grooming and Boarding Day Care to learn more about caring for your dog between professional grooming appointments.

pet grooming infographic