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Busting Myths About Pet Grooming

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that there is more responsibility in pet ownership than most people might guess. In addition to providing food, water, and shelter to your pets, you have a responsibility to keep them healthy, happy, and clean with puppy day care and other considerations. Of course, any dog lover knows keeping your pet clean is easier said than done. No matter how much they roll in the mud, your pet is going to need a bath sooner or later. When it comes to pet grooming in San Jose, some might think spraying your pet down with the hose is enough. Even though it may certainly be easier than getting your pet in the bath or to the groomer, it is not enough to keep them clean. Keep reading to discover the top myths about pet grooming—and why they are wrong.

Myth: Pets Don’t Need Regular Baths
Pets need regular baths. Dogs have natural oils in their hair that keeps their coat looking its best. Some people misunderstand this as thinking dogs don’t need regular bathing. While once a week might be too much, once a month baths are a good rule of thumb.

Myth: Not All Dogs Shed
Some dogs may not shed as much as others, but there is no such thing as a dog that does not shed. Every dog needs to be brushed regularly to keep shedding in check, especially during the summer, when shedding increases.

Myth: It Doesn’t Matter What Shampoo You Use on Your Pet
Even if you give your pet a bath at home, it doesn’t mean you should use the same shampoo you use. Your pet’s hair has different needs than humans, and as such, they need different shampoo. Some pets have skin allergies and regular baths with special shampoo—such as oatmeal shampoo for dogs—can help alleviate symptoms. Your pet’s veterinarian or pet grooming specialist will be able to make a recommendation if you are unsure about which product to use.

 Two dogs are Bathing in small tub with pet shampoo