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Pet groomingTo prepare your puppy for baths at home in Saratoga is important for a dog’s overall health and vitality. There are a few simple ways to prepare your puppy when you decide it is time to visit the professional groomer. Research your local grooming services thoroughly. Ask friends and family for recommendations, check for proper training and certification, and make sure that both you and your puppy feel comfortable with the groomer.

To prepare your puppy for the grooming appointment, start brushing him and giving him baths at home. This will get him used to different sensations, and you can judge his reactions for aggressive or scared behavior. Also, when you drop your puppy off with the groomers, don’t draw out the goodbye. Dogs can pick up on human’s stress and anxiety, so the longer you make the goodbye, or the more emotional you become, the more stressed out he will feel. This also goes for dropping him off at any dog boarding or kennel services you might utilize.