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Saratoga Pet Care Services

There’s nothing quite like the love of a pet. Animal companions are important members of the family, helping us through tough times and providing a source of unending love and affection when we need it most. That’s why Dr. Dave’s Daycare, Boarding & Grooming treats your pets with the personalized care, attention, and professionalism they deserve and our clients have come to expect.

We provide a broad spectrum of cat and dog daycare and grooming services in Saratoga, so you can rest easy knowing that your furry loved ones are receiving the best possible treatment for their needs.

Full-Service Cat and Dog Grooming

Good hygiene makes for happy pets. Just like people, our dog and cat friends lead much better lives when they’re well-tended and kept up. A tangled, matted, or dirty coat can be stressful for dogs and cats, and dirty teeth can lead to infections and other medical issues down the line. While pet owners can do a lot to keep up their pet’s hygiene at home, regular professional grooming is important to make sure your companion animals are living their best and healthiest lives.

In addition to general cleanliness, regular cat and dog grooming works to reduce shedding and limit uncomfortable hairball formation. Whether your pet requires regular styling or is simply adventurous and tends to accumulate outdoor detritus in its coat, our professional groomers apply a gentle approach that will leave your animals looking, smelling, and feeling great.

Our grooming services include:

  • Bathing, brush out, and nail trims
  • Targeted face, feet, and tail grooming plus a body trim
  • Fast brush-out grooming treatment to reduce shedding
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing
  • Specialized cat grooming
  • Mud treatments for dogs to reduce shedding, improve circulation, and soothe sensitive skin
  • Salon services (pet nail polish, etc.)
  • Anal gland expression when necessary by request

Saratoga Dog Daycare Service

In addition to providing Saratoga cats and dogs with world-class professional grooming services, Dr. Dave’s Daycare, Boarding & Grooming also functions as a pet hotel for when you need to go out of town and can’t take your furry loved one with you. Our dog sitters are fully trained canine behavior and safety specialists, and we have staff on duty 24/7 to address any emergent medical or behavioral issues. We also partner with Reed Animal Hospital in order to quickly and efficiently address any veterinary service needs your pets may require during their stay.

You want the best for your dog, which is why our premises are comfortable, climate-controlled, and carefully overseen by industry professionals with plenty of pet sitting experience. Each dog is carefully observed and analyzed before socialization, guaranteeing a happy and playful experience for your companion, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is having a good time and being kept well occupied.

Whether your dog needs an overnight stay while you move or renovate, or a longer-term check-in while you’re traveling or on vacation, Dr. Dave’s Saratoga location is here.

To make an appointment for grooming or discuss boarding options, contact us today at 408-647-2774.

We Treat Your Pet as if They Were Our Own!