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Answering Common Questions on Cat Grooming

Regular visits to a grooming specialist for cat grooming near San Jose is crucial for maintaining your cat’s health and happiness. Grooming removes uncomfortable mats and tangles from your cat’s hair and allows your groomer to check your cat for signs of health problems. Before making a grooming appointment, check out these answers to common cat grooming questions.

Why is Professional Cat Grooming Beneficial?
If you’ve ever tried to bathe a cat, trim its nails, or brush its teeth, you know how difficult it can be. Both you and your cat will appreciate how quickly and easily a professional groomer can perform essential cat grooming services such as baths, nail trims, teeth cleanings, and hair brushing. Regular nail trims are necessary to prevent overgrown nails, which make walking painful for your cat. Hair brushing and bathing removes dirt and tangles that cause skin irritation and discomfort. Regular teeth cleanings prevent tooth decay and cavities, and cat grooming in general allows your groomer to check your cat for signs of ear mites, fleas, rashes, and injuries.

Do Cats Need to Be Bathed?
Many cat owners think that because cats bathe themselves, they don’t need grooming services. In fact, cats that are older, overweight, or suffer from health problems often have difficulty grooming themselves. Regular baths ensure that dirt, plant particles, dust, and bugs aren’t trapped in your cat’s coat. Baths can also cut down on the pet hair, plant particles, and dander in your home, which will reduce the allergy symptoms of anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies or is allergic to cat dander.

How Often Should I Bring My Cat in for Grooming?
Cats with medium to long hair should be groomed bi-weekly or monthly to reduce your cat’s risk of hairballs, matted hair, and tangles. Your cat should have its nails trimmed every ten to fourteen days. Ideally, a cat’s teeth should be brushed a few times a week. If your cat has healthy teeth and gums, you can ask your veterinarian or cat hotel groomer for advice on maintaining its oral health in between grooming visits.

The man trimming a cats nails at Campbell, CA