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Signs Day Care Is Right for Your Dog

If you are a proud dog owner who works during the day, you may have wondered if you should seek out doggy day care in San Jose for your furry friend. However, day care isn’t necessarily a good fit for every dog. As you decide whether day care is an option you would like to pursue, ask yourself these questions about your dog:

Does my dog have energy to spare? If your dog is constantly running around and demanding attention whenever you are home, it may be a sign that he needs more social interaction while you are out of the house. Doggy day care can give your canine companion the space and opportunity to run around and get all of that energy out of his system.

Is my dog friendly and outgoing? Despite the cliché that all dogs are outgoing, some dogs are shy and do not like being around a lot of people. If your pet is not used to being around other dogs, doggy day care may not be a fun environment for him. Day care may also not work well for dogs that behave aggressively around other animals, or that are nervous around strangers.

Does my dog have separation anxiety? If your pet becomes extremely anxious when you are not around, day care may or may not be the right answer. Some dogs simply do not like being left alone, so they may enjoy the interaction they will receive at doggy day care. Other dogs, however, bond so closely with their owners that they may become fearful if they have to stay with other people for hours on end.

Is my dog well-behaved? If your dog has behavioral issues such as chewing on furniture or constant barking, doggy day care is not a substitute for treating those issues—and may well make the problem worse by making your pet feel stressed. If your dog is well-behaved and plays well with others, on the other hand, doggy day care may be a great option.

Two dogs playing in grass at Campbell, CA