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Answering Questions Pet Parents Have About Grooming

Pet grooming doesn’t only keep your dog or cat looking good, but also helps to keep him or her comfortable and healthy. Although most pet families know how important grooming is, they frequently have questions about what to expect and what the best approach is for their animals. If are considering pet grooming in San Jose, here are answers to some of the questions many pet parents have about the process.

Does my pet really need to be groomed?
In a word, yes. Professional grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Even if you bathe your pet at home, professional pet groomers can remove mats and tangles in fur that make your pet uncomfortable, trim nails, and offer specialized services that reduce shedding and pet odors. During pet grooming appointments, your cat or dog can even have flea treatments and get his or her teeth brushed, all without the stress of trying to do these activities at home. Choosing professional pet grooming is safer for both you and your pet.

What should I expect during an appointment?
Pet groomers personalize the experience for each animal, so your pet will get whatever services you choose during an appointment. Some people opt for basic bathing and trimming services, while others like to add on specialty services, from nail painting to mud treatments. Discuss your goals for your pet with the groomer, and he or she can recommend the right services. Be sure to tell your groomer about any behaviors that could be addressed through grooming. For instance, if your pet is constantly rubbing his or her ears, your groomer may recommend an ear cleaning service that solves the problem. The amount of time your pet’s appointment takes depends on the treatments that you select.

Don’t cats groom themselves?
Cat families in particular tend to overlook grooming because they believe that cats are skilled at grooming themselves. In reality, while your cat may seem to be constantly cleaning him or herself, professional grooming can still be helpful. Cat grooming decreases shedding and helps to keep your cat’s coat healthy.