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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Cat Alone When You Travel

For dog families, finding a dog hotel in San Jose when they travel is a no-brainer, but people who own cats are often tempted to leave their feline family members home alone. However, leaving a cat alone even for short trips is a risk you just shouldn’t take. A pet hotel is the best way to keep your beloved cat safe and healthy.

Leaving your cat home alone exposes him or her to serious risks. When your pet is accustomed to being fed at certain times each day, he or she may fill up on the food you leave out right away and then not have anything left to eat until you come home. Alternatively, your cat may become depressed and not eat at all, leading to serious health concerns. Your cat may also refuse to use the litter box when it is not being cleaned while you’re away.

A cattery keeps your cat healthy, happy, and engaged, so you can enjoy your trip without worry. Ensure your pet is safe and has the necessary supervision and care by registering your cat for a stay at the pet hotel each time you travel.

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Cat Alone at Home in San Jose