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Choosing a Dog Groomer

Dog grooming in San Jose keeps your animal looking and feeling great. Use the following tips to choose a dog groomer that will give you the best service at the best price:

Make Sure Groomers Have the Necessary Training
There are certain grooming services that could injure your dog if they are not done correctly. Before you bring your animal to a groomer, you should find out if their team is skilled in services like hand scissoring and hand stripping to ensure that they can safely groom your animal.

Look for Natural Products
Some dog-grooming products are full of chemicals that could potentially harm your animal. You should work with groomers that use natural shampoos and conditioners that will not cause allergic reactions or other problems for your dog. Ask about the products a groomer uses before you schedule the first appointment.

Find a Groomer that Works with Your Schedule
You should not have to rearrange your entire schedule just to get your dog groomed. Take the time to find a groomer that offers services 7 days a week so you can always bring in your dog when he needs to be groomed. If a groomer does not have hours that are convenient to you, you should work with one who does.

Make Sure they Give Your Dog Personalized Attention
Spend some time talking to the staff at the groomer to determine if they will work hard to give your dog personalized care for his unique needs. Every animal is different and requires different kinds of care. If you can find a groomer that understands this, your dog will have a much better experience.

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