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A Look at Canine Mud Treatments

When you sign up for professional grooming in San Jose, you can give your dog special treatments that clean, protect, and rejuvenate his coat. Keep reading to learn about canine mud treatments and what they can do for your animal:

The Fortifying Mud treatment is created with healthy ingredients that detox and strengthen the dog’s coat. They also leave the animal smelling great and help to fight parasites and fungi. The Mobility Mud treatment combines safe amounts of peppermint and menthol to increase your dog’s circulation and get rid of problems with itchy skin. The Shed Safely Mud treatment deeply cleans the hair at the follicle to get rid of loose fur and moisturize your dog’s coat. You can also choose the Soothing Mud treatment that is designed to calm and comfort irritated skin.

All of these treatments help your dog get a healthier, more attractive coat. Ask about canine mud treatments at your next visit to the groomer to give you and your dog a special treat.

Dog with bathing equipment at Campbell, CA