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Consider Doggy Day Care for Your Four-Legged Friend

If you are a pet owner with a busy schedule, you have probably considered enrolling your four-legged friend in doggy day care in San Jose. Doggy day care is a terrific solution for pet owners who are out of the house for periods of time throughout the day. However, the benefits of doggy day care extend beyond just expert supervision of your pet.

Socializing with Other Dogs
Even if you take your dog on daily walks, he or she may not be getting adequate exposure to other dogs. Dogs are pack animals and benefit from interaction with other canines. If your pet has infrequent exposure to other dogs, he or she could be at risk of developing antisocial tendencies. Pet day care is supervised by a trained staff, who practice the best methods of encouraging canine interaction in a safe, positive environment. Puppies will benefit from puppy day care, because early interaction with other dogs will set the foundation for a lifetime of canine camaraderie.

Improving Health
Dogs who are enrolled in doggy day care benefit from a carefully planned schedule that includes periods of play with other dogs, walks, and rest. After a few weeks of doggy day care, you may notice that your pup is in better health, both physically and mentally. Pets who are left home alone often spend most of their time napping or sprawled out on the couch. As with people, this kind of inactivity can lead to weight gain and a decrease in cardiovascular health. Doggy day care keeps your pet in great physical condition by encouraging fun exercise.

Relieving Boredom
If you have ever come home from work to find that your dog has ransacked the trashcan and chewed up your favorite pair of shoes, it may be because your pet was bored while you were away. A lack of stimulation can cause even the most well behaved dogs to seek out their own amusement. Rather than leaving your pet to his or her own devices, consider enrolling your dog in day care. The trained staff at your doggy day care center will keep your pet engaged in fun activities that reinforce positive behavior.

Doggy's playing in the garden at Campbell, CA