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Spotlight on Canine Mud Treatments

If you’d like to get your dog a special treat during his or her next grooming in San Jose, consider adding a luxurious mud treatment. A mud treatment is the perfect complement to a regular grooming, or it can offer a spa-like break for your pooch while staying at the pets’ hotel. Mud treatments are great for conditioning your dog’s coat, moisturizing his or her skin, and fighting fungus and parasites.

Our grooming menu features four different mud treatments for your canine. The Fortifying Mud treatment is great for your pet’s health. It leaves your dog’s skin and coat with a light refreshing scent. The Mobility Mud treatment stimulates and soothes your pup’s skin with a menthol peppermint. This treatment is recommended for older dogs who might appreciate a little pick-me-up. The Shed Safely Mud treatment thoroughly cleans your dog’s hair follicles and releases loose hair during treatment, to control shedding at home. Finally, our Soothing Mud treatment is a deeply relaxing experience, utilizing aroma and herbs to soothe your pet’s mind and body.


If you’d like to get your dog a special treat during