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Grooming Add-Ons That Are Perfect for Your Pet

When you go to a salon, you might notice there are add-on services offered based on specific needs. Similarly, when you visit a puppy day care or pet groomer in San Jose, you will often find that in addition to a bath and trim, there are a number of extra services available to your pet. Not every visit to the pet groomer will require the whole package, so add-on services allow for a custom grooming session based on your pet’s specific needs.

Your pet may not need a full bath and trim each visit to the pet groomer, but a brush-out in between full appointments is a great way to minimize shedding. Services such as ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing are great additions to any grooming service, or can be offered as needed based on your pet’s grooming schedule and preferences. If you are unsure about which grooming add-ons are right for your pet, talk to your pet groomer and ask for their recommendations.

There are a number of extra services available for pet grooming in San Jose