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Grooming Hacks Between Grooming Sessions

How to Remove Fur Mats Between Grooming Sessions

Professional grooming is good for your dog’s coat and skin, but what happens in the time between grooming sessions? As any dog owner can tell you, life happens! A dog’s got to dog, and romping around outside can be a messy business. It’s not so bad when there’s mud to wipe off paws, or even a muddy coat to brush and wash, but what can you do about those tricky mats? Mats in your dog’s hair need to be removed promptly, because they can pull on your pet’s skin, which can be very uncomfortable. Can you do this yourself? You certainly can, with a few tools and some grooming hacks.

Hack #1: Get the Right Tools

What do you need to remove a mat? You could cut it out of the fur, but then your pet is left with an unsightly gap. It’s far better to detangle the fur, and that starts with the right detangling spray. Look for a detangler specifically made for your pet’s fur, then get the right tools to work through those mats. A comb is your best bet for smoothing away a mat, but your first line of defense is a brush. For a long haired dog, a slicker brush is a good option, but short haired dogs usually prefer a bristle brush or a rubber brush. For double coated dogs- cold region dogs like Huskies, Malamutes, German Shepherds, Chows, Pomeranians, and Samoyeds- you’ll need to address the undercoat with rakes and deshedding tools designed for this purpose.

Hack #2: Use the Right Techniques

To keep mats from forming in the first place, gently brush your dog’s hair. Think of stroking a cloud with the brush, starting from the tips of the fur and working your way up, to avoid yanking or pulling the hair. Brush your dog’s hair as though you are providing a spa treatment, prioritizing your furry friend’s comfort. Be aware of the undercoat, brushing to remove excess fur and prevent excessive shedding as the weather gets warmer. If any mats do form, use the detangler to remove them.

  • Spray the detangler generously onto the tangled spots.
  • Let it sit for a little while, to soften the knots.
  • Once it’s had time to do its work, gently comb through the newly detangled fur, for silky smooth softness.

Hack #3: Be Consistent

The best way to keep your dog’s fur free from mats and tangles, and reduce the amount of fur tumbling around your home is to regularly brush your pet. Consider the breed and lifestyle of your pet, brushing short haired dogs once a week, medium and long-haired dogs daily, and double-coated dogs need a daily brush regardless of fur length. The best part of brushing is that not only is it good for your dog and your home’s cleanliness, but it’s also a bonding experience with your pet.

Dr. Dave’s Can Help You Care for Your Dog

When it’s time to take your dog to the spa, Dr. Dave’s Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming provides expert grooming, and much more. Our pet-loving staff full has extensive experience in the pet care industry, and we understand that your pets deserve the best of everything, so we work hard to be your one stop shop for all your pet’s needs. If you don’t want to leave your dog alone while you’re away from home, our daycare services will provide socialization with other dogs and a staff that will pay special attention to your pet’s needs. If you need to go out of town, we will keep your dog safe and happy, and we have a certified veterinarian available 24/7 in case of health care issues. And, of course, if your dog needs grooming, we will provide a spa day worthy of royalty. For more information about all the services we offer to dog lovers and their dogs, call 408-868-5910 in Saratoga, 408-791-2532 in Campbell, or contact us through our website.