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How Often Should I Get My Dog’s Hair Cut

Is there anything cuter than your dog when he or she returns from the groomer? Freshly trimmed and smelling great, dogs come out of the groomer looking like they even feel better. Your pooch may have a little extra pep in his step as he prances out in his new bandana, every hair in place. Dogs need regular baths and haircuts to look their best, but regularly getting your dog’s hair cut can also offer many other benefits. When your dog visits the dog groomer frequently, it can mean reduced shedding and fewer allergies. It can even help bring your dog relief from some common skin conditions.

So, how often should you get your dog’s hair cut? It depends on the dog because different dogs have different grooming needs. This means there is no specific rule for how frequently a dog needs a trim. If you take your dog to a professional groomer at a dog spa, the groomer will be able to give you guidelines on how often you should get your dog’s haircut. Short of professional advice, though, there are a few attributes that can dictate your dog’s grooming needs.

  • How old is your dog, and how active? Dogs who are very active and young will get dirty more quickly than dogs who are inactive and spend most of the day indoors. When a dog is older and doesn’t go outside much, there’s much less need for regular, thorough cleaning. Further, young dogs generally grow hair more rapidly than older dogs, meaning they will need more frequent trims.
  • Your dog’s hair and skin are a major factor in his or her grooming needs. Long hair can get dirty and matted if it isn’t frequently trimmed, so dogs with long hair will need a monthly or bi-monthly haircut. Your dog’s skin matters, too, because dogs with allergies or other skin conditions may need to be bathed more frequently.
  • Some dogs are more manicured than others. Think about a few different breeds, and the maintenance they require. A hound dog doesn’t really need trimming because his hair is already short. He will need brushing, to keep shedding to a minimum and remove dirt, and he’ll also need occasional baths. Long-haired breeds, like small terriers or spaniels, will need regular haircuts to keep hair out of their eyes and control the hair in their ears. Standard poodles with classic poodle cuts need more frequent cuts still, because among the dog groomer responsibilities will be not only keeping the hair trimmed, but also maintaining that specific shape and look. Consider your dog’s hair style when you are considering how often she should be groomed.
  • Every dog benefits from a trip to the groomer. Regular spa days help keep your dog healthy and happy, with a shiny, beautiful coat. Depending on the factors discussed above, you may find that your dog needs monthly or even twice a month. Consider, too, that the earlier and more frequently you take your dogs to the groomer, the more comfortable they will be with being handled, bathed, and having their hair cut. This makes the experience much less stressful not only for your dog, but also for you and the groomer.

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