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How to Prepare Your Pet for Grooming

Pet grooming is essential to maintain your pet’s health and happiness. A dog grooming or cat grooming expert will make your pet feel more comfortable by removing tangles and matted fur. She can also inspect your pet for signs of ticks, fleas, skin problems, and disease. If you’re looking into pet grooming in San Jose, keep reading for tips on how to prepare your pet for his first experience with a grooming service.

Use a Reputable Pet Grooming Service
Ask your family and friends to recommend pet grooming services in your area. If you use a pet hotel or pet boarding service when you’re out of town, ask the pet experts there for advice and recommendations. Find a pet grooming service that has high ratings and good reviews with Yelp, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau. The grooming facility should be clean, and the groomers should be experienced and friendly. Ask them how long they have been working as groomers, and whether or not they have experience with different temperaments and breeds. Find out what their protocol is should there be a pet emergency while they are grooming your pet.

Schedule Your First Grooming Visit
Your first grooming visit will be a chance for you, your pet, and your groomer to get to know each other and become comfortable. Your groomer should take the time to acclimate and condition your pet to the environment before beginning to groom him. The groomer will advise you about what grooming services your pet will need, and what grooming products you should have at home.

A girl cleaning the dog with towel after bathing at Campbell, CA