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Dog grooming service in San Jose that provides ear pluckingIf your dog visits a dog groomer regularly, you should ask your groomer if he plucks your dog’s ear hair. For some breeds, ear plucking is a crucial part of the dog grooming process, and provides a number of benefits to the dog’s health and comfort. If you are concerned about your dog’s ears, be sure to visit a veterinarian, animal clinic, or dog grooming service in San Jose that provides ear plucking.

Ear hair can prevent airflow through the ear canal, which causes moisture to build up in the ear. This moisture can cause yeast infections and other uncomfortable conditions to develop in your dog’s ears.

In addition to improving airflow, ear plucking allows the ears and ear canals to be more visible. This will make it easier for you and your veterinarian to see signs of infection or disease in your dog’s ears. Regular ear plucking can help you, your dog’s veterinarian, and your dog grooming service maintain the health and happiness of your canine companion.