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Making Arrangements for Your Pet’s Special Medical Needs

Before you choose a pet hotel for your cat or dog boarding, be sure to talk to the staff about any special medical needs your pet may have. Not every facility for pet boarding in San Jose can handle these concerns, so be sure to discuss your pet’s needs in advance.

To prepare for your conversation, make a list of all of your pet’s needs from medications or extra bathroom breaks. Ask the cat and dog boarding team about their past experience looking after pets with medical needs and find out what procedures they have in place to accommodate these issues. The boarding facility should work with you to come up with a personalized plan for your pet’s care. Be sure to also discuss how the boarding facility will handle a medical emergency. The best solution is to have a boarding facility with a veterinarian hospital associated with it.

When you drop your pet off for boarding, bring everything your pet needs for its specialized care including enough medication for a few days more than you expect to be away. It is also a good idea to leave your vet’s information and a local contact number of a trusted friend who can make decisions in your absence if you can’t be contacted in case of a medical emergency.

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