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Precautions to Take to Prevent Dog Flu

Dog flu, or canine influenza virus, is an increasing concern for dog owners. Canine influenza is a relatively new illness that most dogs have not been exposed to before, and dogs of all ages and breeds are susceptible. If your dog spends a lot of time at the dog park or is frequently around other dogs, or if you’re planning on boarding him at a dog hotel near San Jose soon, you should take some precautions to help prevent your pup from contracting dog flu.

Dog flu is transmitted from one dog to another via the air and bodily fluids. Dogs are most vulnerable to catching dog flu when they are in close proximity to other dogs for a period of time or by coming into contact with contaminated objects. If your dog spends a much time around other dogs, you should ask your veterinarian to vaccinate your dog against canine influenza virus. The vaccination may not completely protect your dog from catching dog flu, but it will lessen his symptoms if he does contract the virus. In some cases, this vaccination may be required for your pet to be admitted to a dog boarding or doggy daycare facility.

The doctor putting injection for small dog at Campbell, CA