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Preparing for Your Puppy’s First Daycare Experience

Your puppy’s first trip to doggy daycare in San Jose is a rite of passage and a big day for pets and pet parents alike. Puppy daycare offers tons of benefits for pets, including all-important socialization opportunities and the chance to have a little fun while you’re busy instead of waiting around at home for you. You can make sure your pup has the time of his or her life on the first day of daycare with these preparation tips.

Get Up-to-Date on Vaccines
Quality doggy daycares have stringent vaccination requirements and insist on having medical records before enrolling any new guests. Making sure your pet is up-to-date on all required vaccines will not only help you avoid the frustration of getting turned away on your first visit but also helps to ensure your pet stays healthy. The doggy daycare will advise you exactly what vaccines and medical records they require, so check their rules and go over your pet’s history with your vet before the first day at daycare.

Visit the Dog Park
Doggy daycare offers tons of fun and beneficial opportunities for puppies to socialize with each other, but if your pet isn’t used to interacting with other pups, the first day of daycare could feel overwhelming. The dog park is a great place to get your puppy used to the kind of play he or she will encounter at a doggy daycare and will make normalize playing with other pooches. Note your puppy’s play style and advise the doggy daycare team about any particular habits you see, such as nervousness around big dogs, so that they can adjust your puppy’s care accordingly.

Stay Positive
Dropping your puppy off at doggy daycare can feel like dropping your baby off for childcare, so it’s natural for pet parents to feel a little sad about leaving their pets behind. Focus on the fact that daycare is a fun and positive experience that your dog will love, and don’t act nervous, sad, or stressed when you leave your puppy on that first day. He or she will pick up on those cues and feel anxious instead of excited about the day of play that lies ahead.

Doggy daycare offers tons of beneficial opportunities for puppies