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Preparing Your Cat for a Trip to the Groomer

Even cat owners can take advantage of pet grooming in San Jose. If you are planning to schedule an appointment to get your cat groomed, keep reading to find out how you can prepare the animal for the experience:

Brush the Cat on a Regular Basis
Preparing for a trip to the groomers starts long before you go in for your appointment. It is important to regularly brush your cat’s coat to get rid of knots and mats that could make the grooming process more stressful for the animal. Brushing your cat also helps you avoid a lot of hairballs strewn throughout your home and it gives you and the animal a better chance to bond.

Help them Get Used to Nail Clipping
When you first get your cat, you should gently touch his feet when he is lying around relaxing. This helps the animal get desensitized to people getting near his nails so the groomer will not have a problem clipping the toenails. Getting your cat used to this kind of touch also helps to socialize him so he is ready for his appointment with the groomer.

Get the Carrier Ready Before You Go
If your cat gets stressed out when he sees you preparing the cat carrier, you might want to do that step a few days before the appointment. Put a towel inside of the carrier and leave it open near the door. This gives the animal the chance to wander inside when he wants, which helps to reduce stress levels on the day of the actual appointment.

Talk to the Groomer About what You Want
It is important to spend some time talking to the groomer so he or she knows exactly what you want for your pet. Go over the groomer’s menu and pick out the services that you want. Ask the groomer to do the most important services first in case the animal gets too stressed out and cannot finish the appointment.

Brown grooming cat in backward posing at Campbell, CA