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A Pet Parent’s Guide to Boarding

The pet hotel near San Jose gives you a safe place to leave your animals when you have to go out of town. Use this guide to prepare yourself and your animal for pet boarding:

Find a Pet Hotel You Can Trust
The first step to boarding your pet is to find a reputable kennel where you know your animal will be safe and happy until you can return. Take the time to interview the pet hotel to make sure they provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for all animals. If possible, you should take a tour of the facility to make sure it offers a clean and safe place for the animals to stay while their owners are out of town. You should also ask about any special amenities the kennel offers to find out if it is the right location for your pet.

Ask About Health Care
Once you are satisfied with a facility, you should ask more about their process of watching animals. Find out how many times they feed and water the animals in a day. Ask if they offer veterinary services if any of the animals get sick. Find out about their immunization policies to make sure your pet will not be exposed to certain illnesses by staying in the kennel. If your animal needs any kind of medication, it is important to talk to the staff about the kind of medication and the dosage to make sure they will still accept the animal.

Check Out the Atmosphere
If you want to ensure that your animal is comfortable in the kennel, you should pay attention to the features of the space. Make sure the kennels are temperature controlled and protected from the elements. Check out the lighting to make sure it is not too bright. Look at the facility’s ventilation to make sure there are no drafts. You should also make sure they have comfortable bedding and sleeping quarters as well as space for exercise.

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