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Tips for Pet Boarding Anxiety

It’s hard to leave a beloved pet behind when you travel, but choosing a high quality pet hotel in Campbell will make the transition much easier for you and your pet. The best way to ease your anxiety about dog boarding is to do your research before choosing a kennel or pet hotel. Here are some other helpful tips that will help you feel more confident about your decision to use pet boarding services.

Do Your Research Before Committing to a Pet Boarding Facility
Rather than just choosing the closest or cheapest pet boarding facility, take the time to make sure you’ve found the most reputable one. First, ask your friends and family members who own pets to recommend pet hotels and pet boarding services they’ve had good experiences with and plant to use in the future. Then check out the online customer reviews to make sure that the pet hotel doesn’t have serious or frequent negative reviews. Finally, find out if the pet boarding facility has a veterinarian on-site or on-call to handle any pet emergencies that may occur.

Take a Tour of the Pet Hotel
Before committing to a pet hotel, take a tour of their facilities. You can ask the owner or manager to show you around, specifically the areas in which pets are boarded. You want to choose a pet hotel that is bright, clean, safe, and comfortable. The staff should be friendly and knowledgeable, and should demonstrate a love of and commitment to their animal guests. Do not choose a dog boarding facility that is dirty, that doesn’t have secure kennels for the animals, and that doesn’t have procedures in place for handling animal emergencies.

Find Out What Additional Pet Services They Offer
Many pet hotels offer additional amenities to their pet boarding guests. Find out if the pet hotel offers luxury kennels, pet grooming, personalized daily attention from experienced staff members, and dog walks or playtime for dog guests. You can also ask if the pet hotel can accommodate any dietary restrictions, health or mobility problems, or other specialized services that your pet needs.

Tips for Pet Boarding Anxiety in San Jose