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What Are the Features of a Great Pet Groomer?

There is a big difference between taking your dog or cat to a mediocre pet groomer and taking your pet to a great groomer. Mediocre groomers may get the job done, but great pet groomers keep your pet happy and comfortable while going above and beyond to take care of every grooming need. If you’re searching for a provider of great pet grooming in San Jose, keep reading.

Pays Attention to Your Pet’s Individual Needs
Seek a groomer who takes the time to sit down with you and your pet to assess your specific needs. If you have questions about a certain service, ask your groomer what it entails and how it can benefit your individual cat or dog. Pet grooming is more than just making your animal look pretty and smell good. Combined with vet care, routine pet grooming can also help to curb issues like excessive shedding, skin sensitivity, bad breath, and more. If your pet is prone to any of these problems, let your groomer know, and work together to develop a plan to mitigate the issue.

Has Expertise
It takes time to master the art of pet grooming. Look for a dog or cat groomer who has years of experience working with animals. Just as a cosmetologist for people may specialize in a special hair treatment, you will find that some pet groomers are experts when it comes to specific pet grooming procedures. If you are looking for someone who is experienced in hand stripping or hand scissoring, be sure to find a groomer who has mastered these techniques. Ask questions and look for a groomer who is proud to showcase photographs of his or her past work.

Is Patient and Thorough
If your pet is more reserved, it is especially important to find a groomer who is compassionate and will take his or her time to make your dog or cat feel at ease. Like pet day care providers, some pet groomers will have additional skills such as training, pet CPR, and first aid. Knowledge of training principles will assist your groomer in patiently working with your pet to ensure his or her comfort.

Features of Great Pet Groomer in San Jose