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What to Expect from Dog Daycare

Sending your dog to a doggy daycare in San Jose will ensure that he’s safe, happy, and healthy. If you’re often away from home due to work or travel, you should seriously consider using daycare. Dogs are extremely social creatures, and need attention and activity throughout the day to keep them happy and healthy.

When you send your dog to a doggy daycare facility, he or she will have ample opportunities for exercise. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at the dog daycare will take your dog on multiple walks during his stay. Your dog will also be able to play and socialize with other healthy, friendly dogs. When your dog is not outside, he will be in a safe, secure, climate-controlled dog kennel.

If your dog becomes bored and impatient in your home, he may resort to negative and destructive behavior. This may include digging, chewing, scratching, and getting into the garbage or other restricted areas. This can be detrimental to his health and your comfort. At doggy daycare, your dog will stay active and entertained throughout the day and he or she won’t have access to anything that might be dangerous to his health.

Brown dog with tennis ball in mouth