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What to Do with Your Pet When You Go on Vacation

Leaving your pet behind while traveling can be stressful. You can ease your worry by using an in-home pet sitting service, or a pet boarding service, such as a pet kennel or pet hotel in San Jose. You will be able to truly enjoy your vacation knowing that your beloved animal will be safe, happy, and well cared for while you’re gone.

Pet Sitting Service
Pet sitting services are best for animals that are older, well behaved, and don’t need constant attention. Many pet sitting companies offer in-home services, allowing your pet to remain in a familiar environment. As animals become anxious when their owners are away, it may help to limit the amount of change and stress that you put your pet through. If you decide to use a pet sitting service in your area, choose one that is recommended by your vet and has good online reviews from its customers.

Pet Kennel
The quality of pet boarding kennels varies from company to company. While many pet kennels are modern, cheerful, and comfortable, some seem more like animal shelters. The staff at a pet kennel should regularly check in on and play with your pet. They can also administer medication and ensure that your pet adheres to a specific diet. Before choosing a pet kennel, visit it and review its facilities to determine if they are secure, comfortable, and clean. Find out if the kennel has an overnight staff, how employees handle pet emergencies or illnesses, and what their qualifications and credentials are.

Pet Hotel
Pet hotels are typically fancier than pet kennels, with many more amenities. Your pet will have a large, comfortable enclosure that he or she can share with other pets from your household, if appropriate. Most pet hotels provide group playdates and a lot of attention and physical activity. If you want to leave your pet in a controlled environment in which he or she will get a lot of love and attention, a pet hotel may be the best boarding option for you and your pet.

Going on Vacation without Your Pet in San Jose