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What to Look for in a Boarding Facility

When you are looking for a facility that offers pet boarding near San Jose, it is important to find the one that meets all of your needs. Be sure to look for the following characteristics in a boarding facility to make sure your pet is well looked after when you are gone:

The Right Location

When you start the search for a boarding facility, you should think about location. Look for a facility that is located near your home to make it easier to drop off and pick up your animal. Even if you are only planning to board the pet when you go on vacation, a convenient location makes it much easier to leave her at the facility.

Proper Security

Security is another important factor to look for in your boarding facility. Try to take a tour of the grounds to see if it looks like it has the right amount of security to keep your animal safe. Make sure the property is fenced off and notice if it experiences a lot of noise or heavy traffic.

An Attentive Staff

The staff will watch over your furry friend while you are gone, which is why it is important to make sure the staff seems attentive. Pay attention to the staff members you encounter to make sure they are keeping watch over the facility. Ask if anyone has training or special certifications in the pet care field. Be sure to ask if there is a member of the staff on the grounds throughout the day to watch over the animals.

On-Call Vet Help

It is important to find a boarding facility that has access to an on-call vet. This ensures that your pet can get the care she needs if something goes wrong while you are away. When you are looking at boarding facilities, you should always ask about their emergency response plans and what they will do for your pet if she gets sick while you are away.

Pet Boarding Facility in San Jose