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Why Your Pet Should Be Groomed Regularly

Here are several tips from Dr. Dave’s pet grooming in San Jose to keep your pet’s fur well-kept. When your dog or cat has a clean, healthy coat they look and feel better. Your home stays cleaner too!

To Control Shedding
It can be frustrating when your pet’s sheds hair and it gets on your furniture, clothing, and carpet. Regular brushing and bathing can eliminate a significant amount of the fur around your house. Pets also tend to shed less when they are frequently brushed because healthy oils produced in their skin are coated onto the hair, keeping it healthy and less likely to fall out. Maintaining your pet’s brushing can be done yourself at home, but professional grooming is the best way to get your dog or cat’s coat as clean as possible.

To Avoid Health Issues
When you take the time to brush your pet’s coat, also check their ears, mouth, and eyes to watch for signs of illness. By catching problems like ear mites, eye infection, and tooth decay early, you can avoid higher vet bills. When you check your dog or cat’s mouth, use this opportunity to give his teeth a brushing as well. Brushing your pet’s teeth a few times per week can help keep his breath fresher, his teeth and gums healthier, and possibly reduce his need for professional dental cleanings.

To Keep Your Pet Looking Good
Grooming your pet’s coat on a regular basis not only promotes healthy hair and skin, but also keeps him looking better. Dogs and cats can feel healthier when they are groomed because their coats are free of matting and built up dander and fur. If you’re a pet owner who doesn’t have the time to thoroughly brush their pet’s coat every week, find out if your pet day care facility offers grooming as well. Professional pet grooming services can keep your cat or dog’s coat clean and attractive, with the added benefits of nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

keep your cat or dog’s coat clean and attractive in San Jose