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Sending Your Pet on His Own Vacation

It’s common for pet owners to hire a pet sitter when they have to leave town, but bringing your dog or cat to a pet hotel near Campbell offers him a safe and fun vacation. Pet hotels can relieve the worry and guilt you feel when you’re forced to leave your dog or cat behind when away on business or vacation.

Attention for Your Pet
Even if your dog doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety, there is a good chance that he will become bored or depressed in between pet sitting visits. Doggy day care facilities provide walks and outdoor time. Dr. Dave’s Doggy Daycare and pet boarding services provide dedicated play areas and play time for your pet to keep active and provide plenty of attention while you’re away.

Experienced Care for Your Pet
When you choose to send your pet on his or her own vacation, you can feel confident that they will be in good hands. Doggy day care teams have extensive experience taking care of cats and dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. For a pet who must be fed a particular diet, doggy caretakers can ensure that they receive the right food in the right amounts. Pets who require medication or extra mobility assistance will be given their medications and receive the additional care and attention that they need.

Peace of Mind for You
High-quality pet hotels provide a clean and comfortable environment for your pet when you are gone. If your pet becomes ill, injured, and gets into trouble around the house when you’re not around, it may be a while before they receive any necessary treatment. Dr. Dave’s dog boarding facility has a vet on call 24 hours per day to ensure the health and safety of your furry family member.

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