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A Look at the Latest Dog Grooming Trends

If you’re about to make an appointment at a pet daycare center for pet grooming in San Jose, you might be interested in learning more about current dog grooming trends. While grooming is an incredibly necessary, practical service, you can also have fun and be creative with grooming services. Here is a look at the latest dog grooming trends to consider for your pet.

Geometrical Grooming
A very popular grooming technique that is sweeping the nation right now is geometrical grooming. This is most effective for dogs that have voluminous hair or fur that is wiry or frizzy. You can ask your dog groomer to cut and shape the hair on your dog’s head and around his face into a specific geometric shape. The most common shapes requested right now are cubes and spheres. You can also opt for a topiary clip for your dog. This style of dog grooming has been popular for hundreds of years, particularly with poodles.

Creative Dye Jobs and Stenciling
Many dog grooming facilities also offer creative dye jobs and stenciling using non-toxic, dog-friendly hair dye and paint. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing designs and colors for dye jobs and stenciling. You can choose to just dye one section of your dog’s hair, or cover his entire body in a complex design of colors and shapes. You can even use dye and stencils to give your dog the appearance of a completely different animal, such as a tiger or cheetah. Most dog hair dye and paint is semi-permanent, and will wash out in five to six washes.

Doggy Nail Art
If you really want to pamper your dog, you should consider asking your dog groomer about doggy nail art. This has become an increasingly common dog grooming service among dog owners who really want their dogs to stand out from the crowd. Your groomer can apply safe, dog-friendly nail polish to your dog’s nails after clipping and buffing them. You can even opt for adorable nail jewels or nail art for your dog.

A Look at the Latest Dog Grooming Trends