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Advice for Preparing Your Pet for Boarding

Most pet owners, at some point, will need to find a place for their pets to stay while they are away from home. If you are in need of pet boarding near San Jose, you may be concerned about how your pet will react to the experience. However, there are ways that you can prepare your pet for a stay at a pet boarding facility. Keep reading for some tips on making your pet’s kennel stay as easy as possible.

Keep your pet’s special needs in mind. If your pet has any special requirements in order to remain happy and healthy during his boarding experience, make sure that you make the boarding staff aware of it. Some pets require medication, while others need mobility assistance. Bring your pet’s regular food to the boarding facility and let the staff know about your feeding schedule.

Schedule a meet and greet. It’s important that your pet be given a first visit to the kennel to meet the staff, interact with them, and become familiar with a new environment. This will also allow the boarding staff to observe your pet and decide what he needs in order to be happy. Since you will return at the end of this visit to pick up your pet, your pet is also less likely to be worried about your absence during his stay at the kennel.

Be low-key when you drop off your pet. While you may feel emotional about leaving your furry pal behind, it’s best to try to keep the parting as non-stressful for your pet as possible. If you are upset, your pet may sense it and become concerned. You can bring along a favorite toy to help your pet feel more at home, and an article of your clothing to make your pet feel more comfortable and safe.

Preparing your Dog for Boarding in San Jose