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Getting a Nervous Pet Ready to Be Pampered by the Groomer

Regular pet grooming helps to keep them healthy and looking their best. However, not all pets relish a trip to the groomer. The good news is that you can ease your nervous pet’s apprehension and make seeing a groomer in San Jose, CA, a pleasant experience rather than an anxious one. Here are some tips for getting a reluctant pet to change their attitude about grooming.

Choose the Right Groomer
It’s important to choose a groomer who is as invested in making the experience as easy for your pet as you are. Insist on personalized care for your pet, and make sure that the groomer you choose has experience with first aid, animal behavior, and hygiene. Your pet’s groomer should be compassionate and patient with your pet instead of becoming frustrated by any hesitation your pet may have about the process. When your groomer treats your pet well, they will be more comfortable with every passing appointment.

Handle Your Pet Often
Because grooming involves a significant amount of handling, normalize the process for your pet by handling them often at home. Be sure to include sensitive areas, such as the ears and tail, so that your pet becomes accustomed to having a person touch them there. While you’re handling your pet, speak in a comforting tone and be gentle. Reward your pet for accepting being handled with a treat and praise. They will be much more likely to feel relaxed when being handled by the groomer if you practice these techniques at home.

Get Excited About Grooming
Make sure your pet associates grooming with good things. When you visit the groomer, stay calm and be and happy instead of apprehensive about how your pet will act. Instead of comforting and babying your pet, pair visiting the groomer with plenty of praise, treats, and other rewards your pet likes, such as a walk after the visit. Associating grooming with fun and happy things will help diminish your pet’s anxiety.