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Having a Safe Halloween with Your Pet

No matter how much your dog likes to live it up at doggy daycare in San Jose, Halloween can be a bit overwhelming. Aside from the lurking dangers of an abundance of chocolate treats, even brave and outgoing dogs—and cats—may not have the constitution to handle the constant ringing of the door bell and other things that go bump on Halloween night. Prepare for Halloween as you would prepare for doggy daycare, pet boarding, or any kind of change of schedule for your animal, and you will keep him or her safe and comfortable, no matter how many ghouls he or she encounters.

Make sure your home is pet-proof on Halloween by keeping chocolate and other candies away from animals to prevent poisoning. If you light candles, make sure they are high enough that they can’t be knocked over by a dog’s tail or a jumping cat. Pets may look cute in costumes, but only play dress-up if your animal is a willing participant. Keep your pets indoors on Halloween night, when pranksters are out, and make sure they are microchipped in case they do get lost. Consider putting your pet in a quiet room with their favorite toys and blankets until the trick-or-treaters have had their fill.

The dog and cat with Halloween costumes at Campbell, CA