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Tips for Choosing Grooming Services for Your Pet

All dogs and cats who go to grooming will require a shampoo and a trim, but what other services would help you pet look and feel his or her best? Ask your pet groomer for advice for caring for your pet. You may be surprised to learn specialized grooming information that is relevant to your animal’s breed or skin type. Here are some other tips for selecting the perfect pet grooming services in San Jose.

Pay Attention to Your Pet’s Habits
If you watch closely enough, your pet may be crying out for specific types of grooming. For instance, if your animal is constantly scratching at his or her ears, adding ear cleaning to grooming services could put an end to discomfort. For pets with long hair in their ears, cleaning plus hair removal can also be helpful. If itching, chewing, and hot spots all over are problems for your pet, talk to your groomer about treatments for sensitive skin and special shampoos and conditioners. Not only will your pet be clean, but he or she will also feel significantly more at ease—and you’ll get to sleep without the constant sound of scratching and gnawing.

Pay Attention to How Your Pet Affects You
As much as pet families love their animals, dogs and cats are not always easy on the home environment. If you have a big, loveable dog or sweet, friendly kitty who also leaves fur and hair everywhere, talk to your groomer about special treatments for big shedders. This can be especially helpful if someone in the home has allergies. If your dog wants to give you kisses, but you can’t tolerate his or her breath, ask your pet groomer to include teeth brushing for a less offensive aroma.

Pay Attention to Pampering
Consider treating your animal to specialized grooming treatments for a little extra pampering or to add a little bit of flair. Everything from pet nail polish to pet-friendly hair dyes and pet fur painting is available, not to mention canine mud treatments and nail jewels. Your attention-seeking pet who loves to preen will appreciate these special treatments.

Grooming Services For Your Pet in San Jose