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Why Playtime Is Important to Your Pooch’s Health

When it comes to caring for your dog, playtime is just as important as choosing the right food and getting all of his or her necessary vaccinations. Play supports good physical and emotional health for your pup and should be a priority for all pet families. If you worry that your dog isn’t getting enough playtime because of your busy schedule, doggy daycare in San Jose can be a great solution. In doggy daycare, your pet gets the chance to run and play all day while practicing his or her social skills. Here is a look at the benefits of playtime for dogs of all ages.

Family Bonding
Playtime is a special time for pets and their people to bond. Most dogs look forward to the time they spend playing with their families, and the time spent playing helps them feel more comfortable and engaged with the people in their lives. Dogs frequently gravitate towards the people in the family who spend the most time playing with them. When there is more than one animal in the family, playtime is a great way for them to bond as well.

Physical Activity
Like you, your dog needs ample physical activity to maintain a healthy weight. Playtime gets even the sleepiest of pooches off the couch and into action, and it can be a fun addition to your usual walk routine. If your busy workday doesn’t leave enough time to give your dog the exercise he or she may need, consider dog daycare, where your pet will get additional playtime and activity when your schedule is full.

A dog that doesn’t get enough playtime is a bored dog, and a bored dog is prone to bad behavior. Without enough play, your dog may decide to entertain himself or herself by chewing on furniture, getting into the trashcan, and tearing apart your shoes. Playtime gives your pup the mental stimulation he or she needs to resist the temptation of those fun but naughty things you want him or her to avoid.

The dogs happily playing in garden at Campbell, CA