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Preparing Your Pet for Boarding for the First Time

Are you planning to go out of town this season? If so, then you may have arranged for pet boarding near San Jose. To help ensure a stress-free holiday for both you and your pet, use these tips to prepare your dog or cat for his first boarding experience.

Pack His Favorite Things
As you pack your belongings for your trip, remember to ready a bag for your pet as well to get him ready for a cat or dog boarding. When packing your pet’s items, include its favorite toys, and blanket or bed.

Prepare His Food and Treats
If your pet has a sensitive stomach or food allergies, then it’s important to bring along its food and treats for the cat or dog boarding stay. Providing your pet with familiar items to eat can help make their first stay more comfortable and less confusing. Be sure to pack enough food for your pet’s entire stay, and store it inside a sealed container. If there are any special feeding instructions for your pet, then be sure to write these down in advance and provide the staff with at least one copy. The same goes for any medications that your pet may need during his stay.

Know How to Say Goodbye
When leaving their dog or cat at a pet hotel for the first time, it’s not uncommon for pet owners to turn the departure into a tearful and dramatic event. While you’re likely to miss your pet while you’re gone and may be concerned about leaving him for the first time, keep in mind that showing your distress will only make the departure more difficult for your dog or cat. Remain cheerful and calm as you say goodbye to your pet to get their first boarding stay off to a good start.

Preparing Your Pet for Boarding in San Jose