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The Pet Owner’s Guide to Holiday Boarding

If you will be traveling during the holidays, then cat or dog boarding is likely to be part of your plans. Fortunately, taking your animal to the pet hotel can be one of the least stressful parts of the season. Get ready for holiday pet boarding in San Jose with this advice.

Book Early
Pet boarding facilities fill up quickly during the holidays, so make your reservation as soon as you know your travel plans. When you book, be sure to ask questions about what the pet hotel requires. You will need to submit proof that your pet is up to date on vaccinations, so verify your pet’s records and update any vaccines that may be behind. Although flea medicine should be part of your pet’s routine all year long, be especially vigilant about keeping up with doses in the run-up to the pet boarding stay.

Prepare for Special Needs
If your pet needs medications or requires a special diet, stock up on supplies so that your kennel has everything they will need to care for your pet properly. You will need to provide full instructions and verify that the pet hotel you choose can accommodate your requests. It is especially important to provide the correct vet and emergency contact information to the pet hotel if your animal has special needs.

Know the Policies
Every pet boarding facility has its own rules for things like what animals should bring with them and when pets can be dropped off and picked up. Be sure to understand the policies in full before boarding. Understanding the policies will enable you to avoid complications like missing drop-off times or having to leave your animal for another night because you missed the pick-up cutoff time. Don’t forget to provide everything your pet will need for their stay. If you have any special requests or questions about the policies, ask in advance so you can ensure that holiday boarding is a stress-free experience for both you and your pet.

Holiday Pet Boarding Owner's Guide in San Jose