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Creative Pet Grooming in San Jose

Pets, just like people, tend to feel their best when they look their best. Our furry friends live their fullest lives when their coats are well cared for and clean, which is why Dr. Dave’s ...
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Can Pets Have Allergies?

You aren’t the only one who gets sniffles, a sore throat, and runny eyes when exposed to an allergen. Pets can have allergies that are caused by many of the same triggers as people. In many ...
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Getting a Nervous Pet Ready to Be Pampered by the Groomer

Regular pet grooming helps to keep them healthy and looking their best. However, not all pets relish a trip to the groomer. The good news is that you can ease your nervous pet’s apprehension and ...
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How Doggy Daycare Helps Pups with Behavioral Problems

Doggy daycare in San Jose, CA, is a good way to make sure your pet doesn’t feel lonely when you’re out working. Doggie daycare is not all about entertainment. If your pooch has a few ...
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Introducing a New Cat into Your Home

When you are introducing a new cat into your home, taking the transition slowly is a good way to make your new friend comfortable— especially if you have other pets. Easing your pet into your ...
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Highlighting Our Commitment to Safety

Are you looking for a fun, safe, and clean pets hotel near San Jose? Then come and see us at Dr. Dave’s Doggy Daycare, Boarding & Grooming where your pet’s wellness and safety is our ...
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Why You Should Make Regular Pet Grooming a Resolution

When did you last take advantage of pet grooming in San Jose ? If it’s been a while, then you may find yourself wishing that your pet’s coat looked as good as it did back then. Continue ...
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A Look at the Health Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Many people have busy lives. They are forced to leave their pets alone at home for longer periods than they would like. If you’re wondering if you should take advantage of doggy daycare in San ...
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Could Your Pet Be Overweight?

Regularly bringing your dog or cat to a veterinarian for checkups and providing him with consistent pet grooming in San Jose can both go a long way in promoting your pet’s health. Many people ...
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  • Over 30 Years Of Experience
  • Dogs Are Walked 3 Times A Day
  • Veterinary Technician Is Available On Site
  • Licensed Veterinarian Is Available 24 Hours A Day
  • Full Grooming Service Available 7 Days A Week
  • All Groomers Are Skilled In Hand Scissoring
  • No breed discrimination
  • Separate daycare areas for dogs of different sizes, ages, temperaments, and energy levels
  • Outdoor daycare area
  • Entry chutes for a safer daycare experience
  • Can administer medicactions (oral, topical, injections) on site
  • Provide care for pets with special needs