Can Pets Have Allergies?

You aren’t the only one who gets sniffles, a sore throat, and runny eyes when exposed to an allergen. Pets can have allergies that are caused by many of the same triggers as people. In many cases, regular grooming in San Jose, CA, can reduce the impact of pet allergies.

Pets display allergy symptoms in a number of ways. If your pet is sneezing, coughing, or has runny eyes, allergies could be to blame. Pets may develop skin symptoms, such as rashes, bumps, and dry skin. In some cases, diet is to blame for pets’ allergies, and simply making a switch to a different kind of food can be the answer. In other instances, ragweed, pollen, dust, cleaning products, and other irritants can be the triggers. For these kinds of allergies, regular grooming is a good way to reduce symptoms. Through frequent grooming sessions, the allergens that are trapped in your pet’s fur are removed, so they can breathe a little easier and experience fewer symptoms.

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