Why You Should Make Regular Pet Grooming a Resolution

When did you last take advantage of pet grooming in San Jose? If it’s been a while, then you may find yourself wishing that your pet’s coat looked as good as it did back then. Continue reading to learn how you and your pet can benefit if you make regular pet grooming a resolution this year. pet - grooming

To Promote the Health of Your Pet

Allowing your pet’s coat to get a good cleaning through regular baths using specially formulated dog or cat shampoos can help keep their skin and coat nourished and healthy. Brushing, scrubbing, and blow drying helps remove dead skin and loose hair to allow more air to circulate through their coat and over their skin.

To Help Reduce Your Pet’s Shedding

While few things can provide the type of love, comfort, and companionship that having a pet can, most dog and cat owners dislike dealing with the pet hair that gets left behind on their clothing, furniture, and carpeting. Regular pet grooming can help reduce shedding in your home by removing loose and shed hair from his coat.

To Ensure That Your Pet Gets Plenty of Cuddles

Making regular pet grooming part of your routine for the coming year will help make sure that your pet gets more play time and cuddles. You and others will probably be more willing to pet, scratch, and cuddle your dog or cat when they are clean and well groomed.

To Keep Your Pet Looking Great Year-Round

If you travel a lot, then you may regularly bring your dog or cat to a pets hotel for care while you’re away. When you choose to use a pet hotel that does grooming, you can bring your pet to daycare looking clean and neat, and then take him home looking the same way. Taking advantage of a pet daycare or boarding that offers grooming services allows you to take care of your dog or cat’s grooming each time you’re away. You can return from your trip without the extra work of now having to bath and groom your pet.

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