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Breaking Your Dog’s Begging Habits

You may be missing your pup while you’re at work and they are at doggy daycare in San Jose, but once the dinner table begging starts, you’re bound to be longing for a little peace and quiet. The good news is that just as your dog learned that begging could earn them a reward, they can unlearn that behavior as well. Watch this video to learn more.

Consistency is the key to breaking begging habits. Just as you have a routine for taking your dog to doggy daycare or for pet grooming, have a routine for dealing with begging. Every member of the family must resist your dog’s begging, because every time it works, it reinforces the begging. Instead, try distracting your dog with a more preferred behavior while you eat. This technique help to keep the peace in kennels and dog daycare, and it can make mealtime in your home less chaotic as well.