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Give Your Dog a Fashionable Flair with Creative Grooming

If your pooch is a four-legged fashionista, then regular dog grooming services just won’t do. Creative grooming in San Jose from Dr. Dave’s Doggy Daycare, Boarding & Grooming gives your pup—and you—a chance to stand out in the crowd and show off your fashion sense.

Blow pens are great for pet parents who want a pop of color without a long-term commitment, as they can be used for color that comes off in just one to two washes. If your pet has a special event on the calendar, consider pet paint and stencil prints to get a unique design that washes away in a single bath. If your dog needs a full-color treatment, semi-permanent hair dye sticks around for up to six washes, while highlights and lowlights added with the Touch of Color system last for about the same amount of time. Of course, no fashion-forward pup would show up at the party without painted nails. When it is really time to take the look to the next level, talk to your pet’s groomer about adding jewels for the perfect finishing touch.