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What Are the Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming?

Many cat owners think that their cats’ obsessive attention to grooming themselves means that they don’t need professional grooming. In reality, while cats may need grooming less frequently than dogs, there are several benefits to letting a professional provide grooming services periodically. For the best results, choose an experienced provider for cat grooming in San Jose so that your kitty has a positive experience. Here are some of the benefits of cat grooming for your animal’s health and well-being.

Fewer Mats
Your cat’s hair can easily get tangled and matted, which can be uncomfortable or even painful. With regular cat grooming, you can keep your kitty’s fur brushed and trimmed to a healthy length, which helps to keep mats away. Fewer mats mean your cat will have less discomfort and a healthier coat overall. De-matting your cat and brushing its coat stimulates the production of natural oils and distributes them to keep your pet’s hair and skin moisturized and healthy.

Less Shedding
If someone in your home suffers from allergies, professional grooming can be an important part of ensuring that he or she can live comfortably with your cat. Cats who are groomed regularly shed less, because their coats are healthier. Some people misconstrue their allergies to be from their pets, when in fact, it’s actually pollen, dust and allergens your kitty picked up outside. Regular bathing helps you live comfortably with your pet.

Even if no one in your home has allergies, less shedding means less time dealing with cat hair on your furniture, clothes and other surfaces. When your cat sheds less, they are less likely to swallow large amounts of hair when self-grooming, so you will have fewer incidences of hairballs around your home.

Easier Identification of Skin Parasites
It’s not always easy to find fleas and ticks on your cat, but when they aren’t treated, they can cause serious health problems. During the grooming process, the groomer can easily locate parasites as he or her combs through your cat’s fur. This allows you to protect your cat’s health by starting treatment. This will also be important if you plan on boarding your cat as most facilities require that pets are free of fleas and ticks.

Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming in San Jose