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What Holiday Foods Are Toxic for Pets?

Our pet groomers, at Dr. Dave’s believe gentleness and safety of your dog or cat while grooming are as important as the cut itself. To make sure your pet is safe this season from harmful foods it can be beneficial to know what your pet shouldn’t be allowed to eat. Watch this video to learn what holiday foods can be toxic for pets.

Holiday foods can be a tasty and indulgent treat for people, but even small amounts of some of these items can make pets sick. In many cases, it’s an ingredient in a dish that can make a pet sick, such as garlic, onions, alcohol, raisins, or macadamia nuts. For this reason, be vigilant about what holiday foods you feed your pets, and avoid giving them items like stuffing, raisins skin, chocolate, raisons, alcoholic eggnog, fruit cake, or macadamia nut cookies.